How to choose a wall-hung toilet for my house/apartment?

Scenario 1: from individual:
Question: We are building a modular home and would like wall hung toilets. The contractor says he will only pipe for standard toilets however they will frame the wall to accommodate the in-wall tank unit and we can install our own wall hung toilets on-site. If the contractor ran the pipe and stopped before the bend that goes to the flange and left it open from there, how difficult would it be for a plumber to extend the pipe and connect to the tank unit? Is it so costly and difficult I should give up on the toilets I want? I know the tile will not be installed but not sure if the pipes will be exposed. TIA

WESTON Answer: Ask the plumber you plan on performing the work. Anything else has the potential to misinform you.
Question: We don't have a plumber yet as we thought the contractor would install in our 'custom' home. They recently decided to just offer a few standard toilet options. I understand but disappointed.

WESTON Answer: Ask your contractor before making any decision, otherwise you may got misinformation.

Scenario 2: from individual:
I have one wall hung and two standard toilets in my home. It would not be worth it to me to remove a brand new standard toilet in a brand new bathroom, tear up the tile, walls and framing to switch out to a wall hung. 1000s of dollars for no return other than aesthetics (obviously I think aesthetics are important...) Buy a great looking skirted toilet and a wonderful painting with the money you saved.

WESTON Answer: Consult your plumber or any professionals for this renovation and a stylish updated look for your new bathroom somethings is very wothy for every dollar that you pay.