What Is A Wall Hung Toilet?

Let’s start off by explaining what a wall hung toilet is. A wall hung toilet is a toilet bowl that has been mounted onto the wall to give it the illusion of floating. When a toilet is wall-hung the cistern is concealed within the wall. So rest assured, a wall hung toilet with cistern is a standard commodity when shopping wall hung toilets. Even if a visual impression of cistern invisibility is presented.

wall hung toilet frame in the wall?

Wall hung designs work particularly well in smaller spaces. When it comes to floor space, the more shown the larger the room appears.

Though it may be hard to believe that this type of toilet could be secure, a wall hung toilet is held up by an extremely robust frame. Plus, wall hung toilet fixings are amongst the most rigid of any toilet type. So, no need to worry about the toilet failing off the wall mid-pee.

Why Buy Wall Hung Toilets?

Wall hung toilets are an ideal choice for compact bathroom spaces. Due to the cistern being hidden in the wall, a wall hung toilet and frame will take up much less space than a regular toilet.

They are also easier to clean than other toilets because of their elevated design. Therefore, you can mop, sweep and wipe down underneath the toilet without the struggle of getting into difficult nooks and crannies.

Here’s more details on the fabulous benefits of choosing a wall hung toilet…


Nobody likes messy, visible plumbing. You want your bathroom to look tidy and seamless.

People are often put off wall hung toilets because the cistern and plumbing are hidden in walls and they therefore believe installation will be a messy and access to the cistern is difficult after installation.

hidden plumbing in wall hung toilets

This couldn’t be more wrong. If you’re looking at purchasing a wall hung toilet, you’ll be thrilled to learn that is because a wall mounted toilet needs to be installed with a flush plate.

The plates simply lift off and provide all the access you will ever need to the concealed cistern in the wall. This also makes fitting a wall mounted toilet a relative breeze.

A huge benefit of a wall hung toilet pan is that plumbing can be hidden away and leave you with a beautiful, uncluttered bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom!


One of the most important parts of choosing a product for your bathroom is of course making sure it has a beautiful aesthetic that will enhance your bathroom.

Floating just above the floor, this toilet design is perfect for homes that focus on minimalism and on open space.

Wall Hung Toilet In Cloakroom beautiful wall hung toilet

Wall hung toilets are designed to provide a modern and functional solution.

They are available in several styles, so you have plenty of ranges to choose from, including square, round, and oval designs.

There’s also ultra-modern black wall hung toilet models available within our Nero collection, ideal to enhance contemporary bathroom interiors.


If you’re looking to renovate bathroom, particular a smaller bathroom such as an en-suite or downstairs toilet we would recommend a wall mounted toilet frame.

You can place them closer to other bathroom fixtures and avoid it looking cluttered because they come with no bulky external cistern.

small bathroom with wall hung toilet compact bathroom space

They also can create the illusion of more space because they hang just off the floor, an illusion exacerbated with short projection wall hung toilets in particular. The more the eye can see of your bathroom floor, the bigger the space will seem.

For a streamline aesthetic you should opt wall hung furniture. Zero floor contact with the floor eliminates the bulk that comes with a conventional toilet, freeing your room of space, especially so with compact wall hung toilets.


For all you Hinchers out there, you’ll love how hygienic and easier to clean a wall hung toilet is. Mop, wipe, vacuum and sweep without the hassle of moving between the difficult gaps you would get with a standard toilet.

cleaning wall hung toilet

Because the toilet pan is elevated from the floor you can clean around and underneath with ease. Say goodbye to getting on your hand and knees to reach the places where dust and dirt has built up overtime.

Another positive about a wall hung toilet is that unlike close coupled toilets, there is no sealant securing the toilet to the ground that could discolour over time.